You’re 5 steps away from owning a gym

You’re 5 steps away from owning a gym
12/08/2021 Perium

Why go to the gym when you can be in the gym at home? Curious? We’ve got you covered. In case you didn’t know, we create bespoke spaces so you can smash out your routines from the convenience of your place.

We’ll bring your fitness fantasy to life. How? We’ll execute and manage the entire project from start to finish – that’s planning, design, construction, landscaping, and of course fitting it out with Perium kit.

In just a few steps, we can turn your raw space into the perfect place for functional fitness. Here’s the breakdown:

Step 1: We listen

All successful projects must start with a deep understanding of what the client wants. This is why we personally come out to visit your place in order to see what we’re working with – no space is too small or awkward. Once we’ve got a grip, we ping you an estimate and kickstart the process.

Step 2: We design

Once the logistics are ironed out, the fun stuff starts! Our talented graphic designers get busy designing the CAD renderings of the space, which gives you a realistic look into the finished product.

Step 3: We produce

Once we’ve agreed on the design, the adrenaline ramps up as production starts. At this stage, we start turning the dream into reality. We begin making the rigs and the flooring orders are placed, all to the highest standard of quality – you’d expect no less.

Step 4: We build & manage

Throughout the process we do all the construction and manage the project, including the 360 renovation process. Our hands-on approach really is the highlight of our bespoke offering and our founder Jon is heavily involved in the entire journey.

Step 5: We step back, you step in

Congrats! The space is finished and it’s good to go. Your blank space has become the perfect place to work out – no excuses now.

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