The ultimate kit upgrade for you

The ultimate kit upgrade for you
02/09/2021 Perium
The Perfect Pair

Is your kit in desperate need of a well deserved upgrade? Our top notch gear will propel your routine and help you smash those milestones.

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Meet the animo bar and black bumper plates, the ultimate kit combo. Here’s why you need this banging pair in your gym.

All good things start with a base, in this case it’s our animo bar- the Olympic 20k bar is wicked for complexer exercises like olympic lifts. The knurling markings give you a firmer grip on the bar, and the sleeve bearings aid in quick and smooth dynamic movements so that you can knock out those reps.

Now that we’ve got the base covered, we move on to the weight, our black bumper plates. Our ultimate goal with these was to create a superior product, that works well, looks good and is durable, this is why we drop tested it 10,000 times from 2.5 meters! It passed our rigorous testing and voila! The bumpers were finalised. These beauties are International Weight Lifting standard and made out of high density modified rubber making them extra strong and grease free!


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