PERIUM Half Power Cage

PERIUM Half Power Cage

PERIUM Half Power Cage

PERIUM’ Half Power Cage is a compact version of our full cage, similarly if you are looking for versatility then this cage offers everything in one.

Additional plate pins and bar storage have been added to the design to allow everything you need at arms reach and keep you space clutter free. With added landmine and battle rope attachments, this really is your ultimate functional cage.

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Black/Grey powder coated steel


Width x 1925mm, Height x 2430mm, Depth x 885mm




2 Jpegs, 2 safety spotter arms, 8 plate pins, 1 battle rope anchor
2 vertical barbell hangers, 1 landmine attachment, 1 multi-grip pull up bar, 4 resistance band pegs

Box Section

75 x 75, 3mm wall

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