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  • Resistance Bands

    Perium' resistance bands can be used to aid bodyweight exercise, mobility training and power lifting. An incredibly versatile piece of kit, the bands are also great for assisting eccentric movements with compound machines and squat racks, and aiding and improving a range of stretched.Due to their small size and portability they are great to use outdoors, in the comfort of your home, or small-space gym as well as commercial spaces. Cleverly designed with a seamless multi-layered latex body, making them incredibly strong and durable.
  • Spring Collars

    Perium spring collars are great for locking down weight plates. Designed to fit all our bars with a standard 50mm sleeve you will be able to work through your movements at home or in a training facility without fear of the weights slipping off.
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    Ab Mat

    Perium' Ab Mats are used to develop a full range movement during abdominal muscle exercises. When placed under the lumbar region of the spine with the higher portion towards the lower back, it allows for an increased extension and a full forceful contraction.Manufactured with high density foam and durable vinyl finish it offers excellent support whilst remaining comfortable.
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    Aluminium Lock Jaws

    If you are looking for an upgrade to the standard Perium Lock-jaw Collars then these are you. Manufactured from robust aluminium these collars deliver on durability, functionality and above all creating a secure hold on the bar through repeated, high-impact drops.Adjustments and removal are easy with a simple lever and lock/unlock mechanism.
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    Climbing Ropes

    Perium climbing ropes are excellent for indoor or outdoor use and are designed to improve all aspects of your core strength, coordination and grip strength.With a diameter of 38mm it is the ideal thickness for a climbing rope, giving you enough to hang on to without compromising your grip. Both 5 and 10 metre climbing ropes have perspiration absorption and wrapped ends that make it resistant to fraying.Finished with a steel anchor for ease of use means it  can easily be  attached to any solid frame.
  • Foam Roller

    Perium foam roller will aid in training works outs, improving core muscle strength, stretching and as part of massage therapy. If you work hard you need to take care of your body and the foam roller is ideal to aid in recovery for your next session.Made from a shock-absorbing high density foam allowing you to ease your way into positions. The lightweight yet hard wearing material offers a comfortable grip to prevent any unwanted movement whilst in different positions.
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    Gym Rings

    Perium' Wooden Gym Rings are used mainly to progress bodyweight movements such as pull ups, dips, ring rows, iron crosses and much more.The nylon strap is 5 metres in length with an easy-to-use, one-touch adjustment clip, meaning they can be used from a height, either fixed to a suitable ceiling point or a Perium rig.
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    LED Timer

    Perium LED timer offers the standard functions of a traditional timer aswell as advanced settings including count up and down functionality and custom workouts.

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