Good things come in threes

Good things come in threes
17/11/2021 Perium

Our open hex bar is the newest addition to the bar lineup. Made with innovation and functionality in mind, here’s why it’s so great…

  • It gives you a wider range of movement, allowing you to push your body further
  • The weight is in line with the body not in front of it, keeping your form on point
  • Its heavy duty design decreases the stress on your spine – bye, lower back pain!

Now that we’ve given you the lowdown on what’s new, we can’t forget the classics. The perfect additions to your new bar are the coloured bumper plates and Perium Lock-Jaws. 

The coloured bumper plates are not only durable, they’re slender, allowing you to fit more weights on the bar.  Lock them down with the Perium lock-Jaws and get lifting.

Knock out lunges, carries and deadlifts today…

Shop our new open hex bar, Olympic lock-jaw collars and coloured bumper plates.

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