PERIUM Fitness limited is now fully FCA approved, meaning we are able to offer finance packages, in partnership with Kennet Equipment Leasing.

​We strive to support businesses and understand your needs to grow. Our partnership ensures that our customers can acquire the equipment they need quickly and on terms that suit your specific budgets and cash flows.


  • Have the best equipment for your business, not the cheapest.
  • You’ll pay regular monthly payments that won’t change throughout the term.
  • No need to find a hefty deposit to have the equipment you need almost immediately.
  • Choose a lease term that suits your business.
  • Receive equipment and start earning income even before your next payment.
  • Tax advantages – all leasing payments made are tax deductible
  • Keep cash in your bank, avoid overdrafts and loans.
  • Security is levied on equipment, not property – giving you peace of mind.

Leasing is one of the most popular forms of financing equipment. To find out more and request a quote, please contact our partners:

Simply call Kennet on 01675 469200 or email [email protected]

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