Crossfest 2021

Crossfest 2021
05/11/2021 Connor

CrossFest dared to somehow be bigger and braver than before, and we dared to deliver.

During the eight-hour journey to the Bowlers’ exhibition centre, our founder Jonathan continually emph

asised Perium’s ‘Why’.

“Be undeniable”. 

He spoke of normal everyday people daring to challenge the odds, and realise the greatness within themselves. He spoke of how as a company, we will do whatever it takes to help people to realise their potential. This means our Operations Director Sophie overseeing the preparation process, which included everything from arranging deliveries to rolling up her sleeves and unpacking kit on the Friday night before the event.

Whatever it took to make this vision a reality.

The competition as a whole had welcomed some decent athletes to the competition arena, but what impressed us the most was the community doing what they do best- getting involved. People from all walks of life graced the floor, each with a different level of experience and reason for picking up a barbell. When I saw the camaraderie between the teams, the level of effort produced by every rep, and the smiles on people’s faces amidst the chaos of a WOD, I thought to myself

“Be undeniable”.

To us, this is what CrossFit is all about. Sure you will always get athletes finding their way into the sport, but for me it’s always about seeing the average Joe/Josephine breaking barriers, and daring to attempt the exceptional. It’s seeing a Mother of three perform to a higher standard than she ever gave herself credit for, it’s seeing a couple share a connection through hard work, it’s seeing a young competitor wanting to let go of the bar, but keeping hold amidst the cheers from her friends.

There were many stories from the Ancient Greeks, but the ones we remember and go on to tell our children are the ones that involve a mere mortal attempting to defy the Gods. Watching people sprawled out on the floor after ‘Don’t look back in anger’, I saw Perseus holding the head of Medusa, and thought to myself

“Be undeniable”.

Whoever was on top of the podium, it was almost irrelevant in the face of what had happened over the course of the day. Competing is a stressful experience, and historically not for the masses. It takes events like CrossFest, with its incredibly fun atmosphere to welcome them into something they may have previously never dreamed of entering. The music was sensational throughout the event, and the tempo never wavered. Although being a spectator was an experience in itself, I felt an innate desire to get involved, even if it meant fist- bumping a competitor trying to recirculate blood flow to his forearms.  

Events like this are no easy feat to successfully deliver, but CrossFest did just that. A nearly 24hr day for us was a test in itself, the day was long and arduous with little time to rest. But upon reflection, I thought to myself “That was tough, but we wanted the community to have the best equipment available. CrossFest wanted this event to be special and we helped them in every way that we could.” It was at that moment, the ‘Why’ came back to tap me on the shoulder. “Be undeniable”.

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