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Courage. Power. Prime

Courage to turn dreams into reality. Power to push on in the face of adversity. Prime to achieve, maintain or revive the best version of you.

We have an unbeatable flair and diligence when it comes to consulting, designing and installing bespoke premium training spaces. Matching that with our UK-made, superior quality, affordable products means we’re making healthier and fuller lifestyles achievable for anyone, anywhere.

It takes time to lose weight or build muscle, but to get started you only need space. Whether it’s a spare room, an empty office or a derelict car park – we’ll equip it with the right functional fitness products to make it an ideal place to work out and work towards those goals.


We’re professional athletes, training experts and creatives but most importantly, we’re compassionate people who have a burning desire to help others lead healthier and happier lifestyles.

We’re in the gym every day and we have been for decades, which gives us tonnes of experience to pour into our products and services. That’s why we know exactly how to design the perfect place for ordinary people to make extraordinary progress towards their health and fitness goals.

Customers come first – always. We pride ourselves on developing strong relationships with you, based on trust, transparency and dedication in terms of support and service. With PERIUM, you’re getting a team of innovators and industry veterans who listen, work hard and don’t settle until your expectations have been exceeded.

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