2021 Roundup

2021 Roundup
17/12/2021 Perium

The festive period is full of joy, but it’s also a time for us to reflect whilst setting goals for the upcoming year. We’ve accomplished a great amount of growth this year and this is not only something we hope to sustain, but build on in 2022.

As an industry, fitness has had to adapt a huge amount due to instability and turbulence caused by the pandemic. We’ve seen and felt this firsthand which led us to make versatility at the forefront of all bespoke spaces going forward. If the past year has taught us anything, it is that being able to adapt to the current climate is just as important as creating a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing space. 

This year, we’ve made it our priority to create a series of bespoke personal spaces that provide the capability of facilitating numerous clients at once, whilst being able to seamlessly transition into an online studio. We have had to be innovative in creating ways that do not scrimp on our quality, whilst keeping costs to a minimum in the face of potentially another lockdown.

As far as our well-loved Perium kit, they received an upgrade this year too. We revitalised their appearance and their capability. Our new bumper plates were re-designed to allow the user a greater hold when loading the bar, whilst the new hex dumbbells compliment the hand in a way never known before. Our power cage systems have been a talking point for many, whilst our bespoke rigging has provided solutions to a multitude of design hurdles.

The pandemic of 2020-2021 was a difficult time for all, with people across the nation feeling the strain of not only being removed from the routine and comfort of their daily lives, but also becoming detached from friends and loved ones. It was during this time that we all realised the importance of keeping a social balance in our lives amidst the chaos of modern living. The pandemic made us all re-consider the mental side of health and well-being spaces, subsequently realising just how important they really are.

We experienced a boom in bespoke spaces enquiries, with many people desiring tailor made fitness spaces in their own homes in order to help them gain back some sense of routine. We worked tirelessly day and night to fulfil people’s needs, whilst maintaining the high standard of quality and finish. Each project became personal, as maintaining fitness for many crossed the line from being a luxury to a necessity.

Although orders were being fulfilled, and customers were extremely happy with their kit, our founder and CEO Jon Morris turned his attention to the vulnerable and those in need. He understood that not everyone was in a position to purchase kit, yet this didn’t mean that health and wellbeing was of less importance to them. At Perium we believe that health and fitness is not a luxury, but a human right. During the lockdown of late 2020/ early 2021, many people lost their livelihoods, included in that were personal and physical trainers. Very soon they had to adapt in order to survive, moving their platform online. This provided millions of people across the country with access to personal trainers, alongside the very much needed social contact. Very soon personal trainers became vital in maintaining normality in mental as well as physical health. Not every trainer was in a position to invest in facilitating this, and so Jon took it upon himself to support them in the best way he could.

During the lockdown period Jon personally delivered kit and equipment to trainers and those who were in need nationwide, allowing them to continue their livelihoods and a sense of normality.

As restrictions began to loosen, events such as ‘CrossFest’ and Manor’s ‘Yardwars’ allowed us to welcome back the broader community on a much larger scale. We loved watching people come together to enjoy fitness and health after so long. Team Perium was able to reach the final of the ‘Yardwars’, which has now given the team inspiration to compete in future events such as the ‘Hyrox’ and ‘Turf Wars’- watch this space!

We’ve also been able to support our ambassadors by showcasing them in our content. We welcomed ex-heptathlete Ben Gregory and trainer extraordinaire Naomi Heffernan to the team. An in depth interview showed the personal side of our own Jenny Diez-Jones, succeeding in providing inspiration to many. Ben John continued to grow his outreach, whilst creatively providing important and useful content for his audience.

As this year draws to a close, team Perium takes the opportunity to remind itself of our important role in providing British made equipment to as many households and facilities as we can, and how in doing so we can change lives. Looking ahead we aim to reconsider the company’s role in reducing the impact of climate change, and will take pro-active steps in playing our part.

Wishing you all a great new year!

Love from, Perium

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